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- Kim Ansell, Author - Lisa Read, Illustrator -

Kim and Lisa are two sisters born and raised on the beautiful Isle of Wight. 

Kim Ansell

Kim has a degree in IT and works as a Product Lead for a distribution company. She moved to Hertfordshire after graduating from university, where she now lives with her husband and their two small boys. She has always had a love of books and enjoys reading with her children. During her maternity leave she created the story of Frederick the Fox.


Lisa Read

Lisa has lived in Chiswick with her husband for 16 years. She has a degree in Textiles and has been extremely lucky to travel the world for a leading British Retailer where she worked for 22 years. She was furloughed at the beginning of 2020 for 7 weeks, and sadly her job role as a Senior Textile Designer was subsequently made redundant. This turn of events presented her with an opportunity to illustrate her sister’s story.

Sustainable Credentials

Printed in the United Kingdom using:

        Paper from responsibly managed forests

        Vegetable-based inks

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